jak jsem byla spokojená a co bych zlepšila?

Datum: 05.02.2019

Vložil: PusEr

Titulek: Prostitutes

Maybe the moment hit. We require discounts in support of regular customers and those who diminish the girl instead of the night. We are not ripping out, we all have found out, we also cause a crisis. Everyone has a crisis.

In days gone by, you came to the sauna object of three thousand rubles per hour, stayed there championing five hours, you were not told the words that you had been benefit so much an hour, they also gave long green on better payment having a suitable rest. Straight away occasionally they call out object of an hour and think: “I gave three thousand in return you, do you surmise from this?” We had this berth: the girl asked seeking tea, she was inclined a occupation of tea (laughs).

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